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Contact us

Department of adverisements and sales

SPEED Bernard Szymczak
NIP: 9151260873, REGON: 020694470
Piłsudskiego 5 Str., 55-120 Oborniki Śląskie, Wrocław, POLAND
bank account: 96 1090 2457 0000 0001 0868 7546 (BZ WBK)
contact: biuro@b-speed.com, tel. +48 510 148 590


Department of IT, projects and support

V-SPEED B. Szymczak P. Jarząb Spółka Cywilna
Piłsudskiego 5 Str., 55-120 Oborniki Śląskie, Wrocław, POLAND
NIP: 9151789906, REGON: 022024785
bank account: 12 1050 1575 1000 0091 3058 2951 (ING Bank Śląski)
contact: admin@b-speed.com, tel. +48 505 501 262


Bussiness & tech partners

V-Smart Przemysław Jarząb - www.v-smart.pl

Projektowanie stron www

WEB design

Web site is the basic business card now. Our agency carries out projects of professional websites and online stores. We base on our own content management system CMS while developing the projects. We provide server hosting services for our customers.

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Aplikacje internetowe

Internet testers

We specialize in creating smart, sophisticated web applications that combine different software technologies and server solutions. Our company's flagship products include Flash applications for measurement and diagnosis of your Internet connection (Speed Test) .

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Sieci komputerowe

Network and servers

Computer networks give us access to the Internet resources. Our company has extensive experience in designing, diagnosing and implementing solutions based on Cisco technology, MikroTik and linux solutions. We implement systems like LMS.

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Microsoft Certified Partner

SPEED Interactive Agency
Pilsudskiego 5 Str.
Oborniki Slaskie, 55-120
Wroclaw, Poland

Bussiness: biuro@b-speed.com, tel. +48 510 148 590
IT: admin@b-speed.com, tel. +48 884 606 772
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