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Our offer and services

Our company specializes in making and implementing web sites and web applications. We consult every project step with the client, so we fit the project to individual needs and requirements. This way we create not only stunning and optimized web sites but the good, efficent tool for businesses.

We also promote our projects in the Internet (so-called positioning) to reach specific target or user.

In the implementation step of our projects we use:

  • Server solutions, both open-source and commercial
  • PHP language to create a backend that is all operations which have to do a server-side user to see the page in a browser
  • HTML with CSS to display pages in a browser
  • PHP Smarty Library to manage the graphical part
  • JavaScript (jQuery) to perform dynamic operations in the user's browser
  • MySQL (PDO) for the collection of dynamic content and configuration
  • Flash for animation

W build pages on our own original framework with CMS system. Sample CMS demo version (in polish) for our company can be found here:

username: demo

password: demo

Computer networks and servers. We design, analyse and optimize computer networks based on Cisco solutions, 3-Com, MikroTik and others. We implement the LMS as the central unit for traffic management and financial matters. We develop and test linux software (kernel, utilities) in terms of new functionality and increasing the stability of the system. We use custom software solutions (lighttpd server) for advanced web projects, which are oriented to a very high user amount.

We invite you for co-operation!

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Microsoft Certified Partner

SPEED Interactive Agency
Pilsudskiego 5 Str.
Oborniki Slaskie, 55-120
Wroclaw, Poland

Bussiness: biuro@b-speed.com, tel. +48 510 148 590
IT: admin@b-speed.com, tel. +48 884 606 772
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