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Internet Speed Testers

Our long-standing experience in diagnostics and measuring transmission parameters of computer networks has resulted in creating an application which tests the speed of the Internet connection through www. The speed test algorithms have been worked out and tested painstakingy, which makes them unrivalled in the market. Application presents various functionality depending on license level which is shown below.

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Technical requirements for BASIC, ADVANCED version:

  • www server for application
  • www servers with php 5.x support for badwidth tests

Technical requirements for VoIP engine:

  • like for BASIC, ADVANCED
  • linux distribution for VoIP test serverv with www server support
  • super-user shell access
  • installed perl libraries: Net::Server, Time::HiRes, IO::Socket
  • suggested distribution: Debian Linux
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Microsoft Certified Partner

SPEED Interactive Agency
Pilsudskiego 5 Str.
Oborniki Slaskie, 55-120
Wroclaw, Poland

Bussiness: biuro@b-speed.com, tel. +48 510 148 590
IT: admin@b-speed.com, tel. +48 884 606 772
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